Architectural Masonry / Split Face

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Split face CMU are consistently the most popular of the architectural masonry unit finishes because they offer a uniquely textured face and can be manufactured as a paint grade product or in a variety of attractive colors. The split face texture offers a more rugged stone appearance. Because of the manufacturing process of a split face block, no two units are exactly alike, which offers aesthetic depth to building design.Building with concrete masonry, lets architects select a product to fit their design instead of forcing the design to fit the selected product. Sets the design tone with a broken rock face appearance that has a rough texture, developing shadows and beauty. Pak Dream Pvt. Ltd. Split Face Block composed of specialty colored aggregates and color mix design and as consider state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility uses a 4-way hydraulic splitting process which ensures splitting of the aggregate within the block and more uniform texture of the split. Durability, efficiency and affordable construction have never looked so good!

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